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Amazon Prime Video data now on Digital-i's SoDA platform

Amazon is arguably one of the most successful businesses in the world. They compete with giants in e-commerce, new tech and entertainment. So, it’s no surprise that one of Netflix’s main competitors in the world of SVOD is Amazon Prime Video. Although Amazon’s business model is completely different, the two platforms vie for our attention when it comes to choosing a movie or series to watch or binge on demand.

In our last blog, we talked about Netflix’s business model of growth, originals, innovation coupled with smart acquisitions to keep viewers engaged once they’ve been drawn to the platform. In comparison, Amazon Prime Video is an add-on to Amazon Prime, the fast delivery, one-stop shop for everything you might need, from cat toys to computers, world food to stationary. Thus, Amazon Prime Video does not rely as much on big-shot original content to draw users into their platform, their SVOD works in tandem with their e-commerce site, ensuring that when you watch something, you consider ordering those batteries you can’t be bothered to go to the shop for. Or conversely, that when you order something, you consider watching a film on Amazon afterwards. In addition to Amazon Music, rentals and occasional sports acquisitions, Amazon is solidifying their brand and ensuring maximum usage and engagement through multiple services of offer.

When Digital-i started on our journey to bring Netflix viewing habits out of the dark, we always knew that Amazon would be our next challenge. A year after launching SoDA, our online platform where users can easily query our database of accurate Netflix viewing estimates, we are now adding in Amazon Prime viewing data for the UK. This was a challenge, because Digital-i is ideologically opposed to using incomplete or old-hat methods to extract SVOD viewing data.

Invasive data extraction

Without revealing any confidential information about our ground-breaking SVOD tracking methodology, it is unique and unlike many other services on offer. We decided that internet panels (programs that put cookies on people computers) were incomplete and invasive for users. These cookies can track all the websites that you surf and do not detect viewing on the main TV – something that drastically decreases accuracy. The other main technique used by competitor services are diary-entries which rely on human memory and self-declaration. Our philosophy is automation and accuracy as well as transparent data collection, meaning that we had to find a third solution for SVOD tracking.

To recreate our Netflix measurement for Amazon, we had to enhance the data we received using machine-learning and a combination of new contextual mapping methods. Going forward, we’ve developed an even more advanced form of data collection that improves accuracy, panel-user experience and data points.

SoDA 2.0 digital-i Amazon Video

Thus, SoDA is now enriched with Amazon Prime Video data, collected passively, ethically, and allowing for the most statistically-sound viewing estimates. Our history as a BARB bureau means that we prioritise the esteemed method of statistical sampling and data collection of the UK TV data collection body. One year in, SoDA is now the most accurate way to analyse, view and compare Netflix viewing across UKFIGS and Amazon Prime Video data for the UK. By this time next year, we’re looking to include more territories, better data points and any further platforms that capture as much viewing as Netflix and Amazon.

To request more information, get in touch  via and sign up to our newsletter to keep abreast of our innovations and upgrades. Every update is one step closer to our mission, creating a global standardised metric for the biggest SVOD platforms in the world.

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