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SoDA 2.0 – International Netflix Viewing Data Dashboard

Company News / 2nd April 2020

SVOD analysis tool upgrade

SoDA 2.0 digital-i Netflix measurement

First of all we’d like to send Digital-i’s best wishes to everyone and their families.

These are difficult times and we hope that everyone is safe and things are going as well as they can.

On our side, we’re happy to say that we’ve got some good news. 

SoDA 2.0 is here and ready to launch.

What is SoDA?

SoDA (Subscription on Demand Analytics) is an online portal that allows users to navigate a large database of international Netflix viewing data.

Digital-i pioneered a method of measuring Netflix viewing from all devices (including TVs), back-data from 2017 and episode-level reporting.

Our services are used by the UK’s biggest broadcasters and international American studios to improve their SVOD and VOD players, content catalogues and release strategies.

Why is SoDA 2.0 so exciting?

This new version has been aesthetically upgraded, packed with new information and, most importantly, has the facility to incorporate data from multiple territories.

In our system we currently have the UK, Italy, Spain and France data from 2017-2019 all loaded and ready to go, with the other territories soon to be processed.

Some of the highlights include:

SoDA Explores – Netflix Viewing Data Unlocked

SoDA 2.0 Explores Data Analytics Netflix Measurement

Alongside SoDA 2.0, we’re also launching another product– SoDA Explores

SoDA Explores enables users to form their own searches and query our International Netflix viewing data directly themselves! 

The Explore feature was used to recreate Netflix’s top 10 lists (along with our own estimates for content that had not yet been up for 28 days) and we believe that if we work together on its development it will become an invaluable addition to the SoDA research suite.

If you have any questions about the new dashboards, the international data or the Explore then please contact us via the form below.

If you would like a demonstration of SoDA 2.0 we would be more than happy to take you through the new features via a video conferencing call.



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