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Mind the Viewing Gap – An Industry Report on Ethnic Diversity

BARB Data / 17th November 2017

You may have heard of the ‘Pay Gap’ or the ‘Gender Wage Gap’. Now here at Digital i we have created a report highlighting the ‘Viewing Gap’ using information from a number of sources in conjunction with BARB viewing data, to shed a light on the lack of ethnic diversity within the UK TV industry.

We are committed to working towards increasing levels of ethnic diversity in the broadcast industry. It is an area we feel very strongly about and we have already made plans to develop our work on diversity further to drive the conversation forward using our expertise in TV ratings analysis and experience in the industry.

Please take some time to read the report, and if you have any questions or comments regarding the information within, feel free to contact us at

Follow the link below to download the report.

Mind The Viewing Gap

Many thanks,

The Digital i Team

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