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Netflix Originals in Europe – A SoDA viewing report

Netflix Data / 23rd June 2020

Some Netflix Originals are global hits, popular across many European countries as well as their country of production. 

Others might be hugely successful in one region, but not receive the same reception in other territories. 

So, our latest report uses our industry-leading SoDA platform to try and decipher some of the ingredients in Netflix’s secret sauce. 

We’ll give you a clue: data, data, analysis, strategy and DATA.

What’s in the report? 

We analysed the performance of Netflix Originals across the UK FIGS region during 2019, and we discovered some insight gems.

Our findings shed light on the ways that producers, broadcasters and studios can improve their catalogues, licensing strategies and pitches to appeal to (or compete with) global SVOD giants.

The report contains the following sections:

  1. What makes a global hit?
  2. The nuances of localised content
  3. How to learn from Netflix’s strategy

Cross-territory analysis of content has never been more important as streaming platforms are proliferating and unmatched viewing sees no signs of slowing.

Our multi-territory Netflix data acts as a window into the future of Netflix as it continues to expand its subscriber base in less established markets.

Download the Netflix Originals in Europe report 

Download the report, here!

Consultancy and Strategy Reports

Digital i is in the unique position of having access to FIGS, US, UK and Australian Netflix data spanning three years.

Therefore, our data allows us to produce short reports about viewing trends that shed light on Netflix’s blueprint for success. 

For an unbeatable anlaysis of the SVOD giant we offer SoDA. It’s an online interactive dashboard that allows you to query our Netflix viewing database.

International strategy, viewer behaviour, global hits – soon, you could be researching all of these things and more.

We currently count some of the industry’s biggest studios and broadcasters among our clientele. Can you afford to make business decisions without this information?

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