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Netflix UK: Heavy, Medium and Light Viewers – A report

Netflix Data / 9th September 2020

Heavy medium light viewers


If you’re reading this blog then you’ve probably heard about SoDA by now… It’s our ground-breaking online research tool that allows users to query our database of accurate Netflix viewership data (Amazon Prime coming soon). We’ve created another report using SoDA UK data, this time it contains valuable analysis about heavy, medium and light Netflix viewers. The intriguing insights showcase one of our new features that’s guaranteed to make researching and analysing SVOD data that much more insightful. We’ve added dynamic targets.

The Report

Our latest report delves into the make-up of Netflix viewership and subscriber base here in the UK (although we measure Netflix across all of UKFIGS).

The report covers:

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Heavy, Medium and Light Netflix Viewers – A SoDA UK Analysis Report – EN

SoDA’s new features – Explore the world of Netflix viewing

With SoDA Explore, our clients are no longer limited to simple dashboard presentation of data. SoDA subscribers now have the opportunity of writing their own queries, creating dynamic targets, drilling down and compiling an analytical story that tells their business exactly what they need to know about Netflix viewing and streaming trends. 

Do you want to know what other shows fans of Stranger Things viewed? Or perhaps you want to see where your new commission or production falls on the spectrum of streaming successes? Maybe your company requires an in-depth analysis of viewing across several countries to better position your content in a global market?

Well, SoDA can do all of the above and more… Get in touch if you want more information SoDA – the world’s only in-depth analytical tool and  rich database of accurate, international Netflix viewing data.

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