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George Chester

/ 7th September 2021

“SoDA has been an incredibly useful tool for us in understanding Netflix’s business with greater insight than ever before. The real strength is the level of granularity at a programme level which isn’t currently available anywhere else. We use it both to understand at an overall level how Netflix release content, as well as to learn from their successes and the instances where they’ve had misses at a programme level. The team are very helpful and enthusiastic with the capabilities of the tools growing all the time. We all have a general sense of what the big titles are, but knowing how they compare in terms of actual viewing and understanding which titles are attracting big viewing rather than just lots of chatter is very important to understanding how to maintain a user base. It also highlights the importance of certain titles to Netflix in terms of lower-level, year-round viewing. The big hitters make up a relatively small proportion of Netflix’s business compared to some of the quieter ‘always-on’ titles, which actually makes them surprisingly similar to their broadcast counterparts in terms of the library of content needed to sustain their business”


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