Matt – Managing Director

“I’ve developed a measurement system from the ground up.”

When did you start working for Digital i?

I joined in November 2015 😊

 If you could be an extra in any movie, which one would you choose?

Lord of The Rings were my favourite movies growing up, and New Zealand looks pretty nice! Maybe I’ll send an application out for the new Amazon series. I would make a pretty good hobbit.

What piece of work that you’ve done for Digital i are you most proud of?

It’s been incredibly rewarding to work on developing a measurement system from the ground up, with SoDA it’s already a project that I am very proud to be part of, and it feels like we are only getting started! 

How are you forming part of the viewing revolution?

Over the last year I have lived in a house without a TV aerial, and I have only missed it on a handful of occasions. I stream everything I watch these days, including live sport through my projector.

What do you enjoy about working within the industry?

Over the past 5 years I have been lucky enough to spend time working with people right across the media industry. I have enjoyed using this time to understand the fascinating challenges that the industry faces, I’m looking forward to getting back to meeting people face-to-face, hearing more about these challenges and brainstorming solutions on the train back to Bristol.

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