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Digital i introduces upgraded SVOD analytics tool – SoDA 3.0

News and Opinion / 10th May 2021

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Introducing SoDA 3.0, an upgraded SVOD analytics tool.

Why use SoDA?

Firstly, our behavioural streaming viewership measurement currently spans the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. This gives clients a unique insight into how content travels across the markets. 

Secondly, SoDA tracks 100% of the Netflix and Prime Video viewing from a subscriber account. That’s thanks to our unique methodology which detects all activity from any device and any location.

Thirdly, SoDA serves as a type of viewing audit by collecting the entire viewing history from the day the subscriber account was opened. 

Furthermore, SoDA 3.0 will feature enhanced metadata, cross-reach analyses, and a range of new time-based metrics. For the first time, global and local entertainment companies will have the chance to get inside the viewing revolution with accurate data. 

“The viewing revolution is based on new technologies. That’s why the industry cannot continue to use old forms of measurement. Global companies like Netflix and Amazon are capturing big datasets and performing incredibly complex operations to maximise their potential for success,” said Ali Vahdati, CEO and founder of Digital i, “SoDA 3.0 takes us one step closer to our aim of creating a global standardised measurement system for SVOD viewing.”

New benefits and features:

This is the first upgrade in Digital i’s SVOD analytics roadmap for the year. In the next year, SoDA will be offering Disney+ and Youtube viewing analysis. As well as this, we’re developing detailed information about the devices used to watch each piece of content and weekly data updates. 

Digital i is pushing boundaries in media research and technology to ensure that SoDA clients can truly get inside the viewing revolution. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly on developing a product that can  help you navigate the seismic shifts taking place in the entertainment industry. 

For more information about this ground-breaking new product launch, send an enquiry to or get in contact via the website.

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